Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"What Can I Do?"

What can I do? The only thing I feel like doing on a day like today is Praising my God and savior and thanking him. I had a student ask for a Bible today to take home so that he could read it. Of course, I let him pick the Bible he wanted on the self. I will add this is one of those kids that tests his limits often in class. He can be a distraction. In fact, the last time I was at his school he spent two days in In School suspension. When walking this child back to the school I reminded him that the Bible was a special book and asked him to take very special care of it. He seemed very eager to get it home so he could READ! He promised he would bring it back the next time we had WRE. He even added that God would know if he did not return it. I asked him then if he had a Bible of his own at home. Of course, you know the answer..."No!" So, I told him to keep the Bible so he could read it. I only asked that he promise to take good care of it. After asking if I was serious he promised he would...he had the BRIGHTEST and BIGGEST smile on his face as he went back to his class. Is God working in this child's life? I would say YES, wouldn't you? I ask you pray for this child. Perhaps he is trying to find his way....I like to think that he is anyway. So it was a good day for this Bible teacher. To see the glimmer in the eye of one who was actually listening at least today and is seeking God's word! A WIN for that moment!!

I am sharing this song because I love this song. It was part of our worship service this past Sunday.

Until next time....may your heart be merry and your day be blessed:)

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  1. Great work you are doing and making an impact in the kid's lives! Enjoy your day!